My Journey

April 28, 2018

Ive always wondered about people who say something like, I love going to work/my job. Now that I am in my 50’s I had assumed that some people just have to accept that a job is job and not something to look forward to. In fact in some ways I have felt like that about my life.

However in just the last year or so I have discovered a passion for justice. I didn’t see that driving force in my life until life taught me to see.

These are fairly new and undeveloped recognition’s about myself. Some are likely very ignorant, so please pardon me as I learn about myself and what life is like for people in other circumstances than I am familiar with.

Key points in my journey of learning:

Man I hate cliche’s. The title of this paragraph is bugging me yet it is exactly what I want to say… There have been key points in my life, as I look back that gave me a glimpse of circumstances that were outside of my normal, white, American, middle class kind of a life. Can I tell you what that looks like? Is it my fault that, that was my circumstances? Should I care? Can you not judge me for my ignorance, it wasn’t willful, or maybe it was but not consciously.

I grew up in rural Oregon. I was told that all people are treated equally, fairly, and that I should do the same. As I grew up, my exposure to anything different than that paradigm was very limited. Almost everything in my life confirmed that my background and experiences represented most everyone else. As you can see its pure ignorance.

As I look back, what are some of the events I could have used to dispel that ignorance? How about the trip to the Philippines when I was about 20? I was in the air national guard and was elated to discover that i would get to spend my required 2 weeks a year duty in the way far away land of the Philippines. What I saw when I was there was adventure, what I could have seen was desperation. As I write this I want to justify my…ignorance (cant think of a better word). Why didn’t I ask myself more questions like, why do these people live like they do?

The first time that I ran across something that actually penetrated my shield of ignorance was when I was in a supervisory role and working on a project where I had a partner who was of African descent and female, and we were meeting with someone to assist us for the day. The person meeting us was moderately influential and carried some political risks for the company I was working for. When we arrived to pick up the person that was going to assist. She flat out told us she couldn’t work with my assistant….confused I asked why. She said, “because she is a black, N-word”… I literally couldn’t believe it. I was like 35 and nothing in my life matched this example of out right racism.

When I look at the topic of discrimination, I HAD a belief that it was something people used, to get something they didn’t merit. I have learned differently.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, how can there be so few events in a persons life to correct ones thinking? Am I telling you the full truth? Yes I am, but with a filter of my past and the blinders of unseen ignorance. You should ask yourself what is blinding you, what are you ignorant of.

All of that to say, this website will be dedicated to pursing the truth. Actual evidential truth. That sounds a little corny to me, but when I examine what really drives me the seeking of truth is foundational to me. It is something that I could be happy and satisfied doing.

I hope you feel challenged to look at your life and start removing ignorance. I hope this affects you.

Please comment below or ask whatever questions you like. I will be happy to respond to anything that isn’t profane or just hate.