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Have you ever wondered if what you are thinking is weird or normal? Have you wanted to get peoples opinion but not wanted to be identified? That is the intent of this website and is where I hope many people will come to ask questions, and share personal thoughts. With the additional hope that other people will provide feedback on. No one here is a doctor, or a Psychologist, we are just average people with many different life experiences that could offer insight into your situation. At the time of this writing there are 4 main groups I am attempting to divide the topics into logical categories.


I’m generally fascinated with the thought of “what is normal?”. Its part of what led me to try and create a website that can help people see what a majority thinks is normal or weird, etc. It will also likely delve into what is wrong, and right, and how is that decided. LOL I have a lot of hopes for this site. Will be interesting to see where it goes.

The Groups

Personal: This group is for the people who view their thoughts as normal and personal. You might be looking for advice. You might be just wanting to share some personal thought and see what people think. I see this ranging from relationships to personal hygiene… Do you think this is too broad? It may end up being so, so we may adjust as we grow.

Weird: This groups is setup for people who’s thoughts and stories are actually weird or just think they are weird. That is what we get to decide. :) I hope you all think this is interesting as I do.

Free-For-All: I have no idea what will end up here. The title should be a clue on what is expected for this group. There will be very little moderation if any in this group. I think porn would be the only thing that wouldn’t be allowed. There are plenty of places you can find that without it posting or looking for it here. Then again even as I say that I can think of some ideas that might would be classified as porn. Example, is this too small? Lol. In any case not in this group, not at this time.

Inspirational: Just recently added this group. This is for the people who would like help with a problem and those that one to be helpful.


A note on Anonymity..

Some effort is put into providing a forum for people to post their questions and thoughts anonymously, in fact I encourage you to create an account with a fake name. I very much want people to feel free to post their thoughts without fear of people knowing who they are. One thing to note however is your posts on the web can be discover-able by law enforcement so no posting of anything illegal.



This has provided a good overview of the purpose of this website. I am sure as we go along I will be making lots of adjustments. Til then enjoy what I think is going to be very interesting, and in some cases hopefully a lot of fun. If you want to follow the group on Facebook follow the link and like.

I almost forgot!! I will be running a blog along side of this on the Home page. I don’t really know right now what ill be writing there, but check it out if you like.




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  1. Greetings,
    I think you offer folks a great place to come and test the waters with their thoughts.
    I think it is an interesting FeedBack idea and I wish you well with it!
    I would be quite curious to see what folks share, I will have to bookmark you to pop back, all my best,

    • Thanks for stopping by Gary. I think that people sharing their thoughts and others providing feedback is going to be very popular. I do expect some difficulties getting it noticed for awhile, and moderating/not moderating. Guess we will see. Feel free to signup and post a thought or 2

  2. i have not looked in any of your groups yet. but you definitly have me going. What is this? im am both intrested to move forwrd and scared too. I have surfed the web since iw as 10 im 29 now. it was way diffenrt back then but one thing has always remained.

    There is some weird stuff online. and if this site holds true some of it may scar me lol. but alas my curisoty wins out and im about to take the journey.

    What inspired you to make this. You said no psychologust here. but it seems like a psychological type to create this…

    • Good evening Darren. There’s currently nothing here to be scared of. Your thought does echo my own concerns about how to manage this site. I very much want people to share what’s on their minds and hearts. But I also cant let this devovle into something dangerous or illegal etc. so far. Nothing close to that. So journey forth and learn.

      The base thought for why I started this site was the rather boring thought “how do I get people to frequent my website”. That coupled with what would be fun to work with. What would be people like to see and talk about. I have no real idea how that looks down the road but for now it looks like what ever captures my attention. Lol the Steven Avery story has my full attention. When I have heard people say the system is corrupt, etc I assumed it was sour grapes for the most part. This documentary has realy opened my eyes to the possibility that extensive corporation is at least possible.

  3. What a great idea! A place where people can finally see if what they are thinking is out of the box or if it is normal human behavior. Very interesting!

    • I am hoping that it gains in popularity. I think that people in general would be interested in an anonymous sounding board, not sure I have that fully put together yet though, so more work!

  4. One thing is for sure your site is definitely original. I am very impressed how people can come and see what group they think they belong in and see what other people they can relate with. i know some people out there think their the only one that thinks they are wierd when actually there are many people out there who think their wierd themselves.

    • I appreciate your thoughts on this, it was the original intent of this site, but so far I haven’t figured out how to get people engaged in that part of it.

      Weird, is definitely something that is relative, maybe I should do some research on it and make a post. :)

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